WordPress hosting explained

WordPress hosting explained

WordPress hosting is a form of hosting that has been optimized to better meet the security and performance requirements of websites built with WordPress. These websites have certain features that require better levels of hosting performance to ensure fast load times and building blocks display properly in the browser. Traditional hosting platforms cannot meet these sophisticated demands. So, it’s no surprise that specialized hosts with dedicated servers offering higher levels of customer satisfaction than non-specialized hosts.

How wordpress hosting work? And what are the benefits of hiring a WordPress hosting service with a dedicated server?

Why WordPress?

WordPress has become the world’s most popular and widely used content manager (CMS). It is estimated that almost 30% of existing websites are WordPress based and that is a big part of the internet due to the ease of hosting wordpress on a dedicated server.

One of the strengths of WordPress is that it is adaptable to any type of web project, whether large or small.

It can be used to create a small personal blog where you can write about a particular topic or a huge website, with thousands of users and with countless hits all the time.

In addition, thanks to its famous plugins, it can be transformed into an online store, a social network or simply add certain functionalities necessary for a particular web project.

Without a doubt, the versatility of WordPress is one of its greatest virtues and responsible for its popularity.

In the same way that WordPress adapts to any type of project, the hosting chosen (like a dedicated server ,which is by the way the best option) should also adapt to the needs of each WordPress project.

There is little point in offering hosting with many resources to a small blog or insufficient hosting to cover the needs of a website with many visits.

What is wordpress hosting and how is it different from standard web hosting?

WordPress hosting

since WordPress reached its popularity even sites with high web traffic capacity have implemented the use of WordPress on their websites.

Blogging is very successful not only for the sake of monetization, but also because of the ease of starting a blog from scratch with WordPress in under 10 minutes without requiring any technical help.

In a nutshell, WordPress is the easiest platform to manage and to do any basic task that you don’t need a lot of experience with just follow a tutorial on how to do a simple task such as updating plugins, making constant backups and automating other tasks to have it 100% every day if you hire a dedicated server.

This type of hosting is offered by businesses large and small who see the benefits of offering it as another specialized WordPress hosting service.

What are the most important factors in choosing dedicated wordpress hosting? And how choose the right one for your web projects?

1- Choose a managed service

A more managed environment will give you the peace of mind you need so that you don’t have to hire someone to configure or monitor any detail about your server, whether that is protecting the server and giving it the controls. recommended security, setting up apache or any other web server and many other details that need to be done if you are renting unmanaged hosting, instead of having dedicated hosting for wordpress that is managed will be in the hands of the hosting provider that you choose.

2- Optimized WordPress hosting

A hosting service with a dedicated server will always take care of the loading times of your web page and the performance of the server. In general a dedicated server hosting for wordpress is prepared to meet all the expectations required by the customer, that is to say that your site is well protected, the charging time improves considerably and you can rank in the search engines.

Unlike a common dedicated server where the configurations are standard, with wordpress hosting everything is more different and requires a lot of technical work to guarantee good performance to the client.

3- Concern for security measures

WordPress and security go hand in hand, being one of the most used cms by millions of sites it also increases vulnerability, so ask your dedicated server provider to provide you with the best security measures to maximize your server and avoid any attacks. that affects and endangers the security of your website.

4- The importance of good support

Imagine for a moment that your site crashes for no reason? Do you know what steps you need to take to restore your website? When choosing a hosting with a dedicated server for wordpress you should take this into account, technical support is a fundamental part of having an up to date website, it is important that the service is fully available around the clock, if your website is a e-commerce store that receives thousands of hits per day and sales keep taking off your business may collapse if there is bad infrastructure by the hosting service, this is just one example so many others, no matter what your website may be, you should always in order to receive the most qualified technical assistance to assist with your support case as quickly as possible without frequent visitors to your site noticing .

There are different ways to contact your web host and get in touch with the helpdesk; this can be by chat, calls or the most common by email.

Benefits of WordPress:

WordPress Web Hosting


WordPress is a free open source CMS. However, you have to keep in mind that to create a website you will need hosting with a dedicated server and a domain. Prices may vary depending on the hosting company.

Models and design possibilities

In Worpress, you can find a large number of templates called themes to personalize your website. Each theme is different and allows you to configure different design lines that best suit the type of website you want to create.

Search engine optimization

This is one of the strengths of WordPress. For SEO of your website, WordPress is a highly recommended CMS.


Being code software allows web developers to create their own add-ons or plugins to increase the functionality of the platform. The WordPress CMS is constantly growing and new themes and plugins are added every day.


Plugins are add-ons that allow you to increase the design and functionality possibilities of your page as much as you want. There are thousands of plugins with which you can create forms, embed buttons, share social media buttons, and much more.

Hiring a WordPress hosting with a dedicated server is the best decision you can make to start your business or digital business. Not just for the stability it gives you. Or because of the amount of plugins you have that makes your blog super customizable. Or the beautiful themes. But you also have technical advantages, which do not exist in other types of hosting. For this reason, there are several WordPress hosting plans based on dedicated servers that can be tailored to the needs of each type of user or web project.

And always keep in mind your most important requirements and do some preliminary research on the type of hosting plan and provider that is most recommended for you.

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