Main aspects to consider when choosing a managed dedicated server

Main aspects to consider when choosing a managed dedicated server

You have decided to take the plunge and set up a managed dedicated server –You have made the best choice!  We’re here to help you move forward. You should look for some features as each hosting provider has its own distinctive features. It might be hard to find the right choice for your business because you have never used a dedicated server before.

Together, we will provide you with everything you need about the main aspect when opting for managed dedicated servers, considering your business performance and value requirements so that you can enjoy a great security and your peace of mind at the same time.

Here is a list of important factors one should take into consideration before choosing a managed dedicated server:

Managed dedicated servers hardware

While characterizing your business unique performance criteria for its servers and potential users, and the sort of services you will include in your server, will help you decide the servers to opt for and the sort of equipments to use. Realizing this will give you a deeper understanding into the hardware standards. In other terms, once the processing power, memory and disk intensive are fixed into your services, you will notice how the hardware used can affect reliability and the demanding performance. To sum up, the server hardware is characterized by its brand and style. Branded parts perform better and last longer.

Managed dedicated servers, and Bandwidth and network traffic

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Bandwidth refers to the connection between a server and the user. Since dedicated web servers primarily handle heavy websites, they need a huge volume of bandwidth to function at an appropriate level. In hosting services, bandwidth requirements are intrinsically in line with your network traffic. Thus, you will need to choose a package of your managed dedicated servers which contains a lot of network traffic in case a lot of bandwidth is likely to be consumed. In other words, the requirements for bandwidth should simply rely on the expected data traffic. If you are going to use a lot of bandwidth, but cannot guess how much precisely you might need, it is better to go to a server with a pretty traffic reserve included, or even with a limitless solution. This way, you will know how much traffic is being consumed and how much you are going to spend on hosting your dedicated server.

Network quality impact on managed dedicated servers

Network quality is one of the major things to take into consideration when opting for a managed dedicated server. In fact, network quality depends on the physical position of your dedicated servers and the network quality of your hosting provider. The physical location of your dedicated servers directly affects your end-users. That is, the closer is located to your end-user, the faster connection will be and It is highly preferred to test the network

Managed dedicated servers’ cost

The costs of the dedicated servers rely on the server’s standards taking into consideration its bandwidth and extra services offered. Otherwise, when opting for a dedicated server, you should be aware of the cost. Before choosing your server, learn about its exact expense. However, It’s not necessarily the best idea to jump on the cheapest offer you see. Never opt for a cheap provider. What matters eventually is quality.

Security when opting for a managed dedicated server

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Dedicated servers are operated by only one user. This ensures the highest security levels. Besides, providers are dedicated to ensure security of the data stored on their servers. When selecting a dedicated managed server do not forget to ask yourself to always take care of the security issues.

Scalability when choosing a managed dedicated sever

If one day, you recognized that your server is not enough and you need more money, this is because there is something wrong in your application scalability. Scalability is critical when choosing a managed dedicated server. You should always seek for better solutions. In fact, many providers use apps on different devices to increase capacity and efficiency. Yet, some applications are difficult to be adaptable to multiple devices. It is challenging to ensure that a database runs on multiple servers, as it must be synced across all database servers. It may be easier to simply drive the database to a server that has high capacity and storage. This is considerably more profitable to move the database to a better server.

Downtime potential in managed dedicated sever

You should consider how drastic the potential downtime when choosing a dedicated server. Even the most up-to-date servers do not ensure full uptime. As a matter of fact, you will need to determine your server potential down time as you do not have the option to upgrade to multiple dedicated servers. Nevertheless, if you want to ensure your website total security, you have to order a cloud in addition. This will bring you backup options in case of server breakdown.

Managed dedicated server customer Support team

Technical knowledge is important. That is why, we always find customers who have queries regarding the operating systems. For this reason, a great support team should be responsive and give convincing answers to customers’ questions in order to clarify any ambiguity. Keep in mind that the customer support will provide you with answers that match your requirements. A good provider recommends practices and solutions that meet your exact needs. If you are thinking about choosing a dedicated server, do not hesitate to ask experts for assistance in order to get the perfect answer.

Managed dedicated severs reviews and reputation

This is the part in which you are going to take a little bit of creativity and efforts to bring your mind such clarification about managed dedicated servers. At this point, what you need to do is simply a Google Blog search to identify a particular hosting provider, watch YouTube videos, check reviews and have a whole idea about the customer support; the time it takes to respond to tickets and the technical team service quality. Simply, you just need to ask a question and you are more likely to get relevant answers. This is considered to be one of the greatest qualities of social media.

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