Web hosting in Tunisia and NovaHoster

Web hosting in Tunisia and NovaHoster

Building a website gives you incredible benefits by allowing you to easily reach millions of users worldwide. Therefore, you need to select a hosting plan that is most suitable for your needs.

Now, let’s dive in the world of webhosting and discover NovHoster, a major leader in the Tunisian webhosting market.

Web hosting is an online server which helps you publish whether your website or web application on the internet. When you make the decision to build a new website, you need to look for a web hosting provider that will offer you this server space. Your hosting provider stores all your files, assets and databases on the server. Every time someone enters your domain name in the URL bar of his or her browser, your web host transfers all the files needed to meet that request.

There are dedicated and non dedicated servers. Here is the difference between dedicated and non-dedicated server.

If you want the server to meet a single specific requirement, the dedicated server will be the best choice for you. The server will only do the task you want to accomplish. It simply indicates that all IT resources can be made available to you. Yet, if you are looking for a server that allows you to perform network administration easily and correctly, you should choose a non-dedicated server. In this type of server environment, the available computing resources are provided equally to the multiple users available.

Web hosting in Tunisia and Novahoster

Dedicated Server Hosting

Web hosting company, is constantly evolving. The evolution consists in getting rid of the idea that webhosting is simply a space on a server. Today, we are aware that webhosting is a platform on which you can build, run and sell your website. Novahoster has been recognized since 2007 as one of the major leaders on the Tunisian in webhosting market.

NovaHoster is a top-ranked server hosting Provider Company in Tunisia that provides a wide range of dedicated servers at a very affordable and incredible price. It also delivers powerful collaboration tools such as email and file sharing. The goal is simply to facilitate the online presence by providing advantageous solutions with quality price. With this in mind, NovaHoster has focused on the quality of its infrastructures and the automation of the management and maintenance processes of its servers. As a Tunisian web hosting provider, Novahoster offers even more:

  • Improved performance up to 3 times faster than the competition thanks to highly optimized web servers, including fast RAID-10 SSD storage and LiteSpeed acceleration.
  • The ultimate tools, including 1-click installation for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and popular e-commerce tools such as PrestaShop, OpenCart, and Magento.
  • Better loading times for Tunisian customers, improved search results in local searches with Tunisian IP addresses, and enforcement of Tunisian privacy laws.
  • 24/7 technical support in both French and Arabic. Our team remains available in case of need
  • For users and developers, Novahoster also offers: various versions of PHP, Python and Ruby, MySQL databases, SSH access and powerful resources for power-hungry applications.

NovaHoster Dedicated Server hosting plans are available for users to buy their hosting plans according to their business requirements.

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