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Our secret : Mastering our services from start to finish.

High quality web hosting

We are declared at the legal administrations of Internet operators. NovaHoster, a Tunisian web host who manages his internet traffic to your visitors. The goal is to offer a service that is both human and of an industrial quality.

NovaHoster has its own servers at OVH and Ikoula. We can control everything and offer the best of web hosting to the websites hosted on our shared servers and also on our VPS and dedicated servers.

In all our endeavors, we try to bring you innovative technologies such as the use of SSD, PHP caches and development tools.

Our facilities are monitored 24/7 by competent staff with real-time monitoring and surveillance tools.

If you have applied to register a domain name, you remain the owner of the domain name. It can then be used outside our services and on request.

A real listener

NovaHoster, a web hosting provider always at your side.

Our goal: to stand out from the competition. To bring to the web hosting a technical and qualitative aspect rather than commercial.

Our team of experienced professionals is available by phone, chat, email. A reactive technical support will be able to support you on any technical incident under the reponsibility of NovaHoster.

A real service provider

NovaHoster puts all the necessary means to guarantee the transparency of its activity. Also, you have a link to view the status of the servers. But also a blog and an interface where are listed all the interventions that can disrupt the proper functioning of your web hosting service. By being our customer, you have the right to know the investments we make thanks to you.

When you choose NovaHoster, you are not considered as a numbered customer. You are indeed a member of a web hosting community that made the right choice!


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