Reasons to choose a dedicated server for your organization

Reasons to choose a dedicated server for your organization

For any website, web hosting is a crucial element. Its performance and that of the website are intrinsically linked. A bad site hosting can have a negative impact on the number of visitors, loyalty and even the conversion rate of the site. To benefit from quality web hosting, you must contact a reference web host. However, the offers available are so complicated to the point where making a choice can prove to be confusing task.

Web hosts usually offer three options. The shared solution allows server sharing between multiple users. the option of the virtual server and finally the dedicated server. Many companies are hesitant to use the option of a dedicated server given the high cost of this offer. And yet, this server offers many advantages. within the context of an online project, it’s not always easy to prosper whether it’s by choosing to use a dedicated server or a shared server. In this article, we provide you with 5 good reasons that should encourage you to orient yourself towards the best choice.

1. Security

If you’re planning to succeed and last in the web business security should be your first fear, especially if you have an ecommerce site.

With the increase of computer attacks, the foremost effective measure for an organization is to choose a dedicated server. Indeed, the utilization of a server shared by an oversized company exposes it to hacking. Other sites that are under-secured increase your risk of hacking if you have got shared hosting. But, as part of a shared server, you operate your server alone. As a result, you take all necessary steps to ensure optimal security of your server. Better yet, you can use the outsourcing offered by most web hosts. However, companies need to focus on a professional, powerful, updated enterprise server.

2. Stability

dedicated server

Many websites struggle to respond sometimes or do so with incredible slowness. Worse, you receive episodic alerts that the page does not exist or that the server remains untraceable! The user, who has no time to waste, simply closes the site. Indeed, with a shared server, you share the hard drive and the resources of your server. You are therefore exposed to abuse by other directors. With a dedicated server, no web manager can abuse your server’s memory space or resources.

As a result, you benefit from a stable website with a fast response time and near-permanent availability of your site. No more page that crashes or server not found! The user can easily access your site.

3. Flexibility

With the choice of a dedicated server, companies benefit from great flexibility. They can install the tools they need. Because each company is unique and different and because each client has its own vision for the future of his company a flexible server is the best option.

In this way, the company can use a collaborative service for better communication through a personal professional network. A dedicated server allows the structure to reduce its phone bill with the implementation of an IP service.

With an optimized backup system, the entity secures its confidential and important data in an ideal way. Another advantage is the centralization and security of emails on a local email server. In addition, the company can set up its own VPN and intranet mechanism, a secure means of communication between employees and sites. Using a dedicated server offers a multitude of possibilities that the company can take many benefits from.

4. Availability of outsourcing

If you don’t have a dedicated server management team in your company, then opt for outsourcing! Depending on your needs, several services exist. Most hosts offer installing and updating your server. If there is a problem, your company can still count on outsourcing support. Specialized administrators quickly restart your server and help the company resolve the incident that led to the outage. Outsourcing also assists in analyzing your server’s performance. Outsourcing can also help you when migrating from a web server or database.

As part of a complete support of your machine, outsourcing allows permanent monitoring of CPUs, RAM, disk occupancy rates, entries and outputs of applications from your dedicated server. The company must therefore analyze the outsourcing services associated with hosting offers in order to make an optimal choice.

5. Performance guarantee

Corporate web projects often involve applications that require a lot of resources. For example, when a company offers a website with programs that convert and modify graphic or multimedia content to a real-life period, it should ensure that it has an efficient server. A dedicated server ensures the performance companies need to function their software properly. In addition, on a dedicated server, the structure can adapt the memory to the performance can be upgraded. Thus, when building the company’s website with a dedicated server, the performance adjusts to consider the high level of traffic or the very large receipt of data.

Finally, the technical SEO regularly recommends a dedicated server when a company wants to release a large-scale website. It’s worth remembering that the faster your website is, the more Googlebot will come to your site which is pretty good for your SEO.

6. Is Dedicated Hosting Right for Your Business ?

There are two types of packages for hosting dedicated servers: managed and unmanaged. In the first case, you benefit from software and hardware maintenance from the company that hosts your server. In the other case, the client is solely responsible for managing his dedicated server.

The benefits of dedicated server

dedicated server for business

Choosing a dedicated server hosting means making sure you have all the power of the server for your project. This server is dedicated to a single client. With this type of service, access to your web application or website will be of better quality. Opting for dedicated server hosting also helps to limit the slowdowns and traffic spikes that may occur. Dedicated server hosting is then suitable for sites and applications that must handle a heavy traffic load.

The downsides

As dedicated server hosting offers very good services, it will be necessary to budget to invest in the rental or purchase of a dedicated server. We must therefore study the needs of our project very seriously before determining which type of server will be most suitable. Finally, the administration of a dedicated server is technical, and the company must be able to gather adequate skills to perform the maintenance and management of its server, hence the interest of opting for a complete outsourcing solution.

Who can benefit from it?

Dedicated hosting is ideal for businesses with an e-commerce site project, web application development and business where the traffic load is high.

If you have in-depth knowledge of system administration, you will be able to take advantage of all the options offered by a dedicated option. With this, you can administer the server as you wish and have control over RAM, storage space, bandwidth etc. But you can also choose to delegate the management of your servers.

For the launch of a large site or to better respond to Internet users; opting for a dedicated server is often ideal to carry out your project without restricting you.

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