The Basics Of Dedicated Server Hosting

The Basics Of Dedicated Server Hosting

These days,any business with a web presence should consider web hosting.
But investing in a dedicated server is not an easy decision. Before rejecting or affirming an option, it is necessary to know in depth the advantages that this type of platform could bring to you.

What is a dedicated server?

One of the most common doubts when choosing to host a website is to know what a dedicated server is in order to differentiate the many available web hosting alternatives that businesses can offer their customers. The truth is, it is a service that allows exclusivity and better control of the web space.

Dedicated servers are the most complete and exclusive option that a web hosting company can offer you, therefore, they are the most chosen modality by large companies and educational institutions.

Here are some features of the use of this service which, without a doubt, are of great advantages for those who wish to grow in the online world:

It consists of a server entirely dedicated to the use of the client, it must not be shared with other users. Maintaining the hardware is the responsibility of the web hosting company, but you have full control of your panel. A dedicated server can be used as an advanced form of special web hosting when a customer / business has special performance, configuration or security requirements. They have a larger amount of hosting space, and you can have it however you want. The service provider gives their client more freedom to use the web space, in this way the users can have it much more comfortably. You have no restrictions on your bandwidth when it comes to sending and receiving data. Its features allow the use of resource-intensive web applications and allow flexibility, also maximizing its customization. Although, among the web hosting options, Dedicated Servers are the ones that involve a larger investment, as are their benefits.

Resources and components of a dedicated server:

Dedicated Server

Often,  when it comes to talking about concepts related to technology, we just keep visualizing what it is. So far we already know what a dedicated server is and when it is convenient to use it, but? How is it physically? Next, we will see what are the resources and components of a dedicated server:


It is the central processing unit, i.e. the digital brain. Its function is to perform all logical and mathematical operations so that the user can manipulate and access the information he is looking for.

RAM memory:

Random access memory is operational memory used to store data and user information. The larger the server RAM, the faster the data will be processed.

Hard disk:

It is a magnetic storage device in which the greatest amount of information on the server is stored. On this disk, you can save documents, music, videos, images and operating system files.

Operating system:

It is the basic or main software of a computer. It is a platform that manages computer resources and allows interaction between the user and other programs. The most used operating systems today are Windows, Linux, and Mac, although there are also others such as DOS, Unix, and Ubuntu. You can find dedicated servers with Linux or Windows operating systems.

Control panel of a dedicated server:

It is an interface that allows the user to control and quickly access all the characteristics of the server, i.e. domains, emails, files, databases, etc. There are different types of control panels on the market, such as Panel Ferozo and Cpanel, and they are generally designed for different operating systems.

Data transfer:

It refers to the amount of data that crosses the connection lines. To put it more simply, every time we load a url in our browser to search for a website, the data transfer starts working. The transfer also occurs with the use of e-mail, for example.

When to switch to a dedicated server?

dedicated hosting

There is no specific time that can be set but it will happen when your site is too large and consuming too many resources than is allowed on its shared server.

Most likely, your web host will contact you to let you know that you are using too many resources and that you need to modify your plan to optimize your site’s activity.

Dedicated server and dedicated hosting are there any differences?

A recurring question among those who are considering investing in a dedicated server is whether it is the same as dedicated hosting.

A server is a machine or computer which is connected to the Internet and which serves other elements which are connected to it (computers, computers or clients). A hosting, for its part, is only a web hosting within the server which uses the technical resources of this one. This means that different accommodations can be hosted within a server.

Hosting servers can be shared or dedicated. Plans vary according to the needs of each user, with the most advanced being those with the most resources available.

Thinking of use as the priority:

When we already know what a dedicated server is. The decision to choose one type of server over another should be based on which one will provide the best experience for those who visit your website. Make frequent evaluations to be aware of the state of your site and thus be able to anticipate over time the changes you need to make to your hosting.

Whether it is a shared, dedicated or cloud server, at Novahoster offer you many options so that you can adapt them to the needs of your business. their team of professionals is ready to guide you in finding your ideal accommodation, with just one click.

What are the advantages of a complete infrastructure like Novahoster?


There are many advantages to renting the services of a dedicated server from Novahoster.


Novahoster promotes the performance of applications and websites. Since this is a completely proprietary solution, the traffic tends to be much lower compared to the shared environment, for example. This definitely helps navigation, in addition to reducing loading time. Thus, Novahoster is able to significantly reduce the slowness of sites and systems, contributing to the reliability of visitors and users.


With the Novahoster solution, you have full control of the hosting environment and complete freedom to install scripts, modules and plugins. This doesn’t happen with shared hosting because it doesn’t allow users so much flexibility. Novahoster also contributes to the scalability of projects that experience very rapid growth or peak access.


Another advantage offered by Novahoster is the autonomy offered to the IT team or the developer, either for access control or for managing the database. With it it is possible to have access to the command line as root.


Stability is another relevant factor for choosing Novahoster which tends to be superior because it is exclusive. Dedicated servers are typically located in frontline data centers, with the best network and hardware resources. For this reason, the Novahoster infrastructure guarantees more performance and stable conditions for customers.


The security concern is less for those who choose Novahoster, in particular because the limited accesses can be personalized according to the needs.This without forgetting that, in it, it is possible to block IP addresses, among other security measures.

This way, you will leave your server in the hands of experts and ensure that you have an efficient platform. And Novahoster can help you do this quickly and easily.



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