Best dedicated servers hosting providers

Best dedicated servers hosting providers

How many times have you needed more speed, more autonomy when it comes to managing your site’s security, or even more space to host a site? Dedicated server web hosting is, without doubt, what you need. Once you agree on that, let us help you choose the best dedicated server hosting provider.

Most businesses reach a point where they need to update their website’s web hosting in order to continue to provide their users with optimal website navigation. Shared hosting can be a way to start your business, however, if you experience growing business, your web hosting plan can be outdated very quickly.

It is often difficult to determine when to think about changing the type of your web hosting. Actually, if you can see the limits of shared hosting for your website, you will certainly be able to make the move to a dedicated server at the right time.

Many hosting providers claim to provide the best web hosting via dedicated server. However, not all services are created equal. After observing the vast majority of these, we recommend Novahoster.

Founded in 2007 in Tunisia, Novahoster web hoster quickly distinguished itself as one of the world leaders in dedicated server web hosting, if not the best.

Novahoster offers you a full range of dedicated servers at pleasant quality / price ratio. It is therefore no coincidence that this dedicated server web hosting provider has such a reputation.

The importance of upgrading to a Novahoster dedicated server

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All websites are different, the same is true for shared hosting. So, there are a few pointers that will let you know it’s time for choosing Novahoster’s managed server.

Slowness of your website

If the performance of your website is getting worse, it might be time to switch to a dedicated server. If your visitors often get a server error page or must wait a long time for your website to load, it is best to switch to Novahoster dedicated server.

Traffic increases

Is your monthly traffic increasing on a regular basis? When the traffic on your website is continuously increasing, it is certainly a good idea to migrate to a dedicated server before it becomes a problem.

Many Webmasters have already faced the server error page just as one of their post went viral. Don’t let a bad choice limit the potential of your business.

Increased safety

If you think about migrating to a dedicated server, you must also have a lot of valuable information stored on your website. For this reason, increasing the safety of your site will become important. Dedicated servers are naturally safer because there’ll only be your site on the server

Running multiple sites

If you have got several websites, it’s going to be advantageous to place everything on one dedicated server.

The factors for choosing the hosting provider for dedicated server

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There are certain characteristics that are vital when choosing the most effective dedicated server web hosting provider.

First there’s the allocated space. The larger it’s, the more data the positioning can integrate. Another important selection criterion for selecting the simplest dedicated server web hosting provider is bandwidth. It must allow data sending and receiving rates ensuring the fluidity of the web site. Then there’s the RAM. The greater this feature, the faster and smoother the employment of your server are going to be. For this task, the RAM is supported by the machine’s processor. The more powerful it is, the smoother your site will be and will not crash.

Another determining factor in choosing your dedicated server web hosting provider should be the availability of experts to configure your server. Even an expert can easily get lost in this. Also, the service must ensure that you regularly back up your site data to prevent it from being lost.

Regarding the important functionalities, there are the different monitoring, namely that of the availability and performance of services and that of traffic and bandwidth. Finally, the key characteristic remains the price which should determine the quality of the services offered, without being prohibitive.

Why going for Novahoster?

The company offers the best dedicated server hosting, as it could not be more complete. What impresses when you look at the characteristics of Novahoster is, first its offer of a machine with a huge internal memory, with 100G backup storage.

According to tests, the RAM supplied is one of the main strengths of Novahoster; its speed would defy all competition, putting shared hosting into oblivion. Novahoster’s servers are said to be faster than those offered by the other providers. This is due to the maximum RAM memory of the servers and the optimization of the software used.

The other main interest of this company is found in pricing. The prices offered are quite attractive along with the quality of the services offered. In addition, Novahoster offers important security guarantees by providing intelligent firewall and Anti-DDos protection.

Regarding bonuses, you should know that most of Novahoster’s offers include multiple domain names. Additionally, according to customers, the most valuable quality of Novahoster’s servers is their ease of use. It must be said that the cPanel software is very intuitive and can be used quite easily.

The supplier also offers more or less regular backups of your data depending on the level of service to which you have subscribed. It should also be noted that Novahoster is one of the few dedicated server hosting providers to offer 24/7 support.

Main features of Novahoster dedicated servers:

  • Anti-DDos protection: giving you the best security and protection
  • 250 Mbps bandwidth: providing maximum speed for a better performance for your site
  • 100 G Backup storage: hosting all types and sizes of your web projects
  • 90 software environment: to make sure you have full control over your software environment or CMS.
  • Storage type: Accelerated SSD performance and large data management on high-capacity mechanical disks.
  • Intelligent firewall: for high performing security against malware and data intrusions.
  • Dedicated IP addresses: you can re-add IP addresses to your server to activate private DNS and improve SSL compatibility with your web sites.
  • Data outsourcing: 24/7 service by experts who are ready to step in whenever you need them.
  • Software installer: 300 software with source code ready to install and update with 1-clic.
  • Operating system: Cloud Linux and Windows server providing power and security


It’s important to make the right choice with that kind of investment, Novahoster recognized for its professionalism among many clients is what you need! This server outsourcing service concern the whole server’s range: VPS, Cloud, Applications, Site web… etc.

Chosen among many very competitive providers, Novahoster is, in the end, the best provider of dedicated server web hosting. Its seniority in the sector, the performance and functionality of its dedicated servers, as well as its attractive quality / price ratio, place it ahead of its competitors.


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