Best Cheap web hosting of 2020

Best Cheap web hosting of 2020

Web hosting is the space where a website is hosted so that anyone can view it on the Internet. We know that when it comes to web hosting, this refers to the « space » where a website is maintained, that is, one hosting is used to host a website and everyone can see it on the Internet through the domain it owns. This way, anyone who enters the domain in their browser will be able to see the web hosted on their hosting. In short, hosting is really the use you make of all or part of a web server’s resources (memory, hard disk space, bandwidth, etc.). More and more tunisians are opting for this service for the multitude of advantages it offers.

There are three kinds of web hosting:

Dedicated hosting or dedicated server:

This type of hosting is one of the more expensive because it is generally used for websites with many visits or other business applications that require a lot of power. The key to dedicated servers is precisely that all the resources of a physical server are allocated only and exclusively to one hosting.

In other words, if you rent dedicated hosting, they will assign you a physical server with all its resources at your disposal (all the processors it has, all the memory, all the hard drive…). And it is not shared with other accommodations or its resources are not used for another project that is not yours.

Novahoster :

Best web hosting

NovaHoster is a professional web hosting site, built to provide the best hosting experience for its customers in the United States as well as around the world. The NovaHoster compagny put at your disposal a team of web professionals to help you establish and succeed online.

In fact, the efficient team of this web host provide complete hosting solutions for large companies as well as for individuals who want perfect functionality for their small start-ups at a low cost.

Besides, Novahoster offer a complete range of dedicated servers at prices that defy all competition and that meet the needs of our most demanding customers. It’s the best option out there for any one looking for the cheapest, the fastest and really the best web hosting site.

Moreover, their dedicated servers offer you a high level of connections and possibilities, they are so effortlessly managed,  well planned, suitable for all project sizes and with a high level of availability.

Undoubtedly, the Novahoster service stand out from the competition. The Novahoster sales and technical team are dedicated 24/7 to helping you choose the  web hosting plan that best suits your needs, to help you get started on the internet and to answer all your questions.

Shared hosting:

It is perhaps one of the lesser known types of accommodation and yet it is one of the best suited to the needs of those who use it. You could say that this is an intermediate step between shared hosting and VPS hosting, being more powerful than the first and cheaper than the second. The concept is very similar to that of VPS in which each hosting user is assigned physical server resources (processors, RAM, hard drive, etc.), but here it is done by encapsulating them in what they call an independent virtualized environment, which does not become a virtual server at all.

This way, each user will have hosting as in the shared ones (the same control panel, etc.) but with the server resources already allocated in his LVE just for him, like in a VPS. So you get the benefits of VPS without having to manage it yourself or pay more for a managed one.

Cloud hosting:

Cloud hosting

This is the most advanced hosting and is generally used for very powerful apps and websites with lots of hits. More than a product, it’s about renting a hosting service (like when you rent electricity, water, or gas in your home) because it doesn’t focus so much on physical servers but on the resources that accommodation needs in each moment.

The key is that the hosting uses a network of physical servers connected to each other (it can even come from different locations around the world) which behave as if it is a very powerful supercomputer with unlimited resources. As in VPS, cloud hosting can be « managed » (the host is responsible for its management) or « unmanaged » (the customer is responsible for its management).

Let’s check the cheapest web hosting offers in 2020:


web hosting

Hostinger is a very popular web hosting company, serving over 29 million users from all over the world. The company has 15,000 sign-ups a day. This low budget web host platform can deliver the product with efficiency.

The  Hostinger company offer multitude of useful features and tools. Hostinger is also looking forward to your guarantees of highly reliable and fast load times, no small feat for a company with its number of subscribers increasing.

This famous web host offer very low monthly prices which accommodate extremely tight budgets of most of the users. In fact, they can enjoy fast, reliable service with above average charge times and recovery hours thanks to the use of the dedicated server.

Moreover, you can take advantage of Hostinger’s intuitive drag and drop website builder to create a website in minutes. Any issues can be resolved quickly via live chat, email, and tickets 24/7/365.

Besides, any user will get a clearly defined plans and features which make it easy to choose the right package for him/her. And you will enjoy unlimited bandwidth and SSD space on most plans which keep your site running smoothly. In addition this web host offer easily set up ecommerce shopping carts with one click installations.


Dedicated Server

PlanetHoster is a Canadian company that was established in 2007, today considered one of the best in the market. And for good reason, this web host provides incredible quality services all over the world.

The brand offers three hosting solutions, which are very different from each other. Whether it is a shared server, a dedicated server or even the HybridCloud. It is possible to connect several servers to each other, whether physical or virtual, and wherever they are located in the world. Obviously, to ensure the best loading speed on your website, PlanetHoster will let you choose your web hosting according to the location of the server in the world. This PlanetHoster supports you in your project. Customers benefit from very fast personalized assistance to carry out their internet project in the best possible conditions.

PlanetHoster offers two paid web hosting solutions: Shared Hosting « World Platform » and Managed Hosting « Hybrid CloudThe users may also get the free « World Lite » hosting plan offer.

The « Worldwide Platform » paid plan includes unlimited disk space and monthly bandwidth, and an unlimited number of databases, email accounts, and websites.

The standard configuration is 8 CPUs, 16GB RAM, and 16Mbps I / O, but customers can customize their hosting from a minimum of 1 CPU and up to 24GB RAM and 24Mbps I / O. Crucially, you can distribute your total pool of resources into completely separate hosting accounts that run on separate infrastructure.

A2 Hosting:

Web hosting services

For most peoples, A2 Hosting may be less well known than some of the larger hosting platforms on the market, but its high quality solutions and excellent benefits make it stand out from its strongest competitors. The company offers fast and reliable hosting services on the go with its 99.9% uptime guarantee and impressive load time.

After testing, the user will find and be very impressed with the company’s unlimited bandwidth and storage, easy to navigate interface, and accessible support team who contribute to a seamless customer experience for the Basic and Premium plans.

A2 Hosting is a strong web host contender. This newcomer in the web hosting world offer fast and efficient 24/7/365 troubleshooting via live chat, phone, email, Skype and through the customer portal.

Seamless customer on boarding from your welcome email to an intuitive interface allows you to get your site up and running quickly. A2 Hosting has exceptional lifetimes that keep your website running smoothly. Incredibly fast load times prevent customer churn and improve your SEO performance.

Besides, the unique site roll-back tool allows you to restore your website to a previous date settings with one click and this web host offer contain unlimited storage and transfer across all accounts allows users to fully realize their view of the website.And A2 Hosting’s perpetual security initiative uses KernelCare and HackScan to keep your website safe at all times.

Liquid web:

Dedicated Servers

Liquid web is one of the high-end web hosting services available today, with a reputation for flexibility and variety. With approximately 30,000 clients worldwide, the company has spent the past 20 years building its specialty web hosting empire. The company’s relatively high prices yield extraordinary hosting solutions.

The user will find that Liquid Web’s selection of feature rich plans and the flexibility they give it really sets them apart from the competition. Additionally, the customization offered by these plans, combined with near instantaneous load times and highly reliable wait times, position Liquid web as one of the leading options for medium and large businesses.

This web hosting company will ensure that you get the help when you need it from 24/7/365 expert support staff via live chat, phone, and email. They keep also customers happy and shopping with blazing fast load times and close to zero service disturbances.

Furtermore Liquid web make security a premium with CloudFlare CDN, DDoS attack prevention, and built in firewalls. Any user can migrate and scale with ease with the help of customer service experts.

And web creator can build stunning WordPress websites with the help of a staging site and automated WordPress maintenance and can also deploy Liquid web custom servergroups for complex website needs. This makes Liquid web an extremely reliable web hosting service and far ahead of the rest of the industry.

The web hosting service of these companies resonates so strongly with users. They manage to mix extremely low prices with a plethora of features and utilities, augmenting both with copious documentation and a knowledgeable and personable support team. This trifecta of affordability, a rich catalog of features, and robust support makes them strong choices for the customers, no matter where they are on their web hosting journey. Beginners get the basic features they need to instantly get their websites from a website builder to wide bandwidth and more. While more advanced users have more options to give them more flexibility and control with shared, cloud and VPS plans to keep them satisfied.


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