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About Novahoster

NovaHoster is a professional web hosting site elaborated to provide the best hosting experiences to companies in USA as in elsewhere in the world. The NovaHoster site belongs to Novatis SUARL, a multidisciplinary and innovative web agency. In fact, we are a team of web professionals, collaborating to help businesses to establish and succeed online.

Novahoster has been one of the main players in web hosting since 2007. We offer shared hosting, rental of dedicated servers, VPS (virtual servers) SSL certificates, website creation… The evolution of Internet hosting market has pushed us to bring the most that makes us distinguished compared to our competitors. Powers, Speed, Transparency are what characterize our identity.

Novahoster helps thousands of individuals and small businesses on the daily basis to grow and succeed on the Web with its powerful and affordable web solutions. Our whole crew would be really proud if you would join us.

about novahoster

Novahoster is committed to the quality of its services and its relationship with its customers.
To market our products, we rely on our reputation.

dedicated web servers by Novahoster

Principle of NovaHoster

We alert you of each maintenance operation and are always by your side and attentive to your needs. In addition, we improve the quality of our services every day and diversify our products to better meet your needs.

The reliability of Novahoster web hosting

With its services at the cutting edge of technology, its IT skills and its experience in the Web and ICT field, NovaHoster is a powerful and innovative host.

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Reason why we keep gaining the trust of our customers, which allows us to invest and offer them more services.

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Our job, a passion above all!

Our goal is to offer you the best web hosting service in Tunisia as we have been doing for several years to hundreds of companies, especially Tunisian.

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Indeed, we are their partner to develop web projects in peace. Do not hesitate to consult our unlimited web hosting packages with the cheapest prices in Tunisia.

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Our goal: the best web hosting service at the best price.

It is complicated for you to choose a web host (host of websites) in Tunisia with so many providers on the market recently? How to choose the best web host for your site? The first criterion is the quality of customer service. With us, the relationship with our customers is important to us: this is the secret of our success. In addition, the novahoster.tn site is a property of the Novatis web agency. It is a leader in the field of web and web marketing nationally and internationally. However, our customers choose us not only because they trust the parent company (Novatis) but because they appreciate the personalized relationship as well as the professional and responsive exchange with our technical and commercial support dedicated to hosting.

The web hosting services offered by Novahoster undoubtedly offer the best deals in terms of value for money. You can count on the control panel used for shared hosting. It is 10 times faster than Cpanel and has all the options worthy of a modern web hoster.

Whether you are a business or an individual, our solutions meet the most demanding expectations of everyone and support you in the development of your business internationally.